What Does Online Marketing Involve?

Online marketing can mean many things, and there are many different ways to do it.

From affiliate marketing to network marketing, to advertising, social media marketing, building websites and properties, etc, online marketing involves anything that has to do with promotion online; and there are many free and paid ways to do it.

If you are just getting started online, you will run across many different programs, training courses, videos, and blog posts that all contain different ways of doing things. When it comes down to it, online marketing is about what works best for you (and your company.) Typically, businesses and service providers and the most common type of people to utilize online marketing.

It’s important to create a plan to apply only one or two types of marketing in the beginning stages until it’s mastered, in order to make sure that it’s effective. Many methods of online marketing can take more time to show results than others, which is why it’s so important to stick to a consecutive plan. Continue reading “What Does Online Marketing Involve?”

Blogging the Truth: Online Marketing Exposed

There’s a lot of sexy appeal to the idea of using online marketing to make money online.

The idea of sitting in your underwear to make money without any physical exertion or face-to-face contact sounds great, until it comes time to put in the work. Sadly, this is the case of 99% of people that attempt to make money online.

The industry is full of empty promises and hype from people that are chasing money and using spammy ways to do it. There are too many promises of push button softwares, instant ATM’s, and thousands of dollars effortlessly going into your bank account over night.

And THAT my friends, is a load of bull.

Money is the exchange of value and if you have nothing of value to offer, then you have no business earning any money. Why do you think you trade time for a paycheck at a regular ole’ 9-5 day job?

You earn what you are worth so if you are spamming the internet with affiliate offers that have no value, you pretty much earn nothing. Unless you are the type that can lie to people and watch them fail; then you might make a buck or two here and there.

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