Explained: Why Local Businesses Need Mobile-Friendly Websites

Have you ever been out in public and taken notice of the hoards of people that seem to have their cell phone glued to a part of their body or two?

While this is not really a good thing, it serves as a good illustration of how often people really use their cell phones, which includes for searching for local services. Ahem, this means you mister local business owner.

With this ‘fad’ becoming more popular in the coming years, it’s more important than ever for owners of local businesses to make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. Buy why?

First things first, Google -the largest and most common used search engine – is designed for human search, and to make their experience the best possible. This means that if a search is happening from a mobile device, the results returned to the user will only be sites that are optimized for mobile search, which can translate to a lot of lost business.

This reason alone is important enough make the decision to move to mobile.

If you want people to have a good user experience on your website, meaning:

  • They don’t have to scroll up, down and all around just to access your information
  • They can easily tell what your services your business offers and the locations you serve
  • They can easily contact you to request a quote or schedule a service

Then you are going to have to be more than sure that your website operates well on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you currently have a website that is mobile-friendly, you can easily use Google’s free testing tool to find out.

Website Evaluation #1: www.nashvillebouncehouserentals.com


Every now and then we like to do website evaluations for business owners that are looking to increase conversions. This gives them insight on how to attract prospects in the first place, and then covert them into customers by making it easy and obvious to do business.

This insight has proven to be quite valuable, not to mention profitable for the companies we have worked with in the past. And now we’re bringing this information here you to you right now.

The subject? www.nashvillebouncehouserentals.com

We wanted to choose a bounce house company in the Nashville area, mostly because it’s such a hot spot right now. Or at least we have heard.

Anyways, we selected this business because they had the most optimized website in the market, therefore, proved to be a perfect prospect for this post. Here are the key ingredients to take away from this website that will help increase conversions, or in other words – convert prospects to customer by having a few elements in place that make it easy and obvious for them to want to do business with the company’s website they are on.

Easy-to-Access Contact Information

Pay close attention to the contact form on this website and how the phone number is listed at the top of the website. The phone number is also clickable, which will increase conversions alone because people can conveniently call the number to request a free quote.

Also notice the word free here, as it is an irresistible offer that compels a larger number of people to call.

The phone number is also listed several times throughout the content on the home page, meaning that people can consistently access it without having to scroll up or down the page.

Mobile -Friendly

One of the most important aspects of having an online presence nowadays is a mobile-friendly website. This means that the website is responsive to cell phones of all types and tablets, and users don’t have to scroll around or deal with small fonts just to access the content.

Optimized for Search

This website does a great job giving visitors information about the services they offer, locations, serviced, and presented other information people may be looking for.

Simultaneously, it is optimized to show up in the search results by including keywords that buyers would use during their search for these services.


These are the most important things that the nashvillebouncehouserentals.com website did right in their marketing, but they are not the only ones that contribute to the overall success of the company.

The best way to understand what was discussed in this post is to first read the entire thing, and then to read again while looking at the website so you can get a first-hand visual of what we’re talking about. You can access the website right away, right here.

Get these right for your company though, and you will also achieve top rankings for your business that translate to more exposure, customers, and sales that grow by the month.

Thanks for joining us for this cool case study today.

Let us know if you like this type of content better that our original, and we will start doing more like it.

Is it Necessary to Market a Business Online?

This is one of the biggest topics on the minds of most business owners these days and is something that I get asked about a lot, therefore, I decided it would be beneficial to provide a simple answer.

In short, the answer is yes. So allow me to explain.

If we look at how fast technology is growing and the large numbers of people that are using it to access information at their fingertips, we can see a demand from that alone to be found online. Think about it.

Yes many people may still use local newspapers, magazines and other forms of advertisement to get more business, but that’s just marketing to far and few that either don’t want to use technology or they just know a better way. Either way though, it doesn’t include the majority of people which ARE using the internet to meet their needs.

So in a sort of long-winded response, yes; it’s becoming a necessity for companies to have an online presence but not just that, an online presence that is visible to potential customers.

3 Big Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

"MARKETING" Sketch Notes on Blackboard (advertising management)

Searching for a local business on the internet now far outweighs doing a search in the phone book, wouldn’t you agree?

Sure, many offline marketing models are still slightly effective and so are word-of-mouth referrals. But for most people, it’s just easier to search online.

With that being said, it’s now more important than ever for small business owners to consider their presence online; how many reviews they have, how many places customers can actually find them, etc. Otherwise they are going to have a hard time competing the other similar companies in the area that do.

So here are 3 big tips to help you get started today.

1. ) Get on Google

At the very least, small businesses need a Google Local listing. Over 70 percent of local search starts in Google, and the majority of those searchers will see the top three Google listings first which you guessed it, brings them a huge chunk of search.

To get a Google listing, simply go to the Google browser and scroll to the bottom of the search engine where you will see a clickable link labeled ‘Business.” Or simply do a Google search for ‘Google My Business’ and then click get started.

2.) Have a Website That Converts Well

Not all searchers will just use Google to find the information they’re looking for. Many will push past the local results to the organic ones, meaning the list of the ten websites on the first page of the search results, that are listing beneath the local listings and ads.

Many people want more information about a company, their prices, even work history, so you need a website that contains all of this. More importantly, you need:

  • A clear, visible phone number at the top of the site
  • A contact form for people to request info. through as an alternate method than phone
  • A list of services offered, and reviews and testimonials from previous customers always help

3.) Be Listing Where Your Customers Are Searching

If you have ever performed a search for a local service yourself, you may have seen organic listings than include Yelp, Yellowpages, Angie’s List, BBB, Superpages, Thumbtack, etc.

These are all known as third-party directory sites, but matter a lot because they are well-known websites that customers are constantly leaving reviews on, which will definitely matter to people that are considering your services.

With these sites being increasingly important, it’s a good to have your business listed on all of them to kill two birds with one stone. Let me explain.

  1. Being listing on these sites means that when other people use them for search, your business can be found.
  2. These websites are so authoritative and popular, not to mention important, that they show up on most first page search results for local services in any location throughout the United States. This gives you twice the chance for people to find your listing on this platform.

Being listing in more places gives people the perception that your business is trustworthy, seeing that it’s listed on all of these trusted websites.

I hope you’re starting to see the bigger picture.

What Should I Do Online as a Local Business Owner?

Remember back in the day when all you could do to find a local business was pick up the phone book or get a referral from a family member or friend? Yeah, well those days are about gone.

Sure, people still get referrals from loved ones but for the most part, they turn to the internet. And why not when they have a mobile device right by their side?

Because of this, owners of local companies should be on their toes about getting their business listed where their customers are searching. In English, this means that they need to have their name, address, phone number, and website, placed on the websites that customers are using to search for local products and services.

This is where business owners need to invest more time or money, meaning time to learn how to do the task themselves, or money to pay a professional to build and manage it for them. And from experience, it’s usually much easier to hire someone rather than try to gain the skill yourself not to mention, it takes away a huge learning curve.

So then what should local business owners be doing online to build a presence?

Summing up from what was just mentioned, business owners either need to find someone to help them with a quick Google search, or do many more searches in order to learn the skill of local marketing for themselves.

It won’t always cost as much as it may seem to hire a professional, but it is a lot more worth it in the end. Think about it; owners of businesses like tree and carpet cleaning companies specialize in what they do, so why would they even flinch at the idea of paying a professional to do a job like this.

If you are someone that is dead set on trying to figure things out for yourself though, here is a rough outline of what you should be doing online to gain more exposure for yourself in hopes of attracting more customers and sales.

  • Get a basic Google my Business listing and optimize it around your service’s products, keywords, and location. The important thing here is to get the NAP listed, which translates to name, address, phone number. – this my friend, is one of the most important things to have in place.
  • Use the exact same NAP to build more citations (also known as mentions of your business) on other 3rd party web directories. Examples of these include Yelp, Foursquare, City-Search, Facebook, and well, you get the picture. THIS is also a crucial part of what determines the amount of exposure a business receives online.
  • Try to find the websites of other local companies in the area, and see if you can work out a link arrangement. Just like you need web directories talking about your local site, you also need links from relevant, authoritative websites. These essentially count as votes and as you can guess, more votes can equal more exposure.

I know, I know – this is a LOT of information to take in at once, but it’s important to know if you need to marketing a local company online.

See why we suggested hiring someone to do this for you? 😉

3 Hip Tips for Entrepreneurs

There are over 20 million people in the world that refer to themselves as entrepreneurs. Maybe you are one of them. If so, maybe there’s a chance you would’t mind getting some tips from one entrepreneur to another.

You can never learn too much about business if you are an entrepreneur, which is why I make it a point daily to read a related book, or study somehow. Over time, this information has given me an advantage in my field, which is pretty competitive. Because of this, I needed to stand out, and what better way to do this than to acquire more knowledge than your competitors?

Here are 3 big things I have learned so far:

1.) Move over for mentors

Mentors are a MUCH bigger deal than most entrepreneurs think. Instead, the majority of them stick with the mentality that they can be successful on their own, which only prolongs their progress – take this from me personally. It took me 3 years to give in and finally find a good mentor.

Once you do find a good one though, it makes up for all the time you spend (of could have potentially spent) trying to figure things out on your own. Save your valuable time by learning from other people’s mistakes so you can fail forward faster and reach success.

And sure it will cost money to hire someone to mentor you, but the ROI is more than worth it in the end.

2.) A business requires investments

Whether it’s time or money, any business typically requires both to be a smashing success so you may want to start seeing as investing rather than spending resources.

To get any business model off the ground, you have to be willing to invest the time doing the grind or forking out the money for another professional to do so for you. Either way, both are usually a must for a company, product, or service to grow.

3.) Attitude is everything

Where focus goes, energy flows, which is why it’s crucial to always maintain a positive attitude. Sure, it’s super simple to get down on yourself, especially when working towards a huge project like starting a business, but you just have to.

For too long I was too negative, and I could really see how it started to affect my overall mindset and business. Then as hard as it was, I formed a new habit of always remaining positive and seeing the good in everything and BAM; the difference was like night and day.

Like magnets, we attract what we focus on good or bad – like attracts like, dislike attracts dislike, etc. Think about this the next time you approach your business with a crummy attitude.