Is it Necessary to Market a Business Online?

This is one of the biggest topics on the minds of most business owners these days and is something that I get asked about a lot, therefore, I decided it would be beneficial to provide a simple answer.

In short, the answer is yes. So allow me to explain.

If we look at how fast technology is growing and the large numbers of people that are using it to access information at their fingertips, we can see a demand from that alone to be found online. Think about it.

Yes many people may still use local newspapers, magazines and other forms of advertisement to get more business, but that’s just marketing to far and few that either don’t want to use technology or they just know a better way. Either way though, it doesn’t include the majority of people which ARE using the internet to meet their needs.

So in a sort of long-winded response, yes; it’s becoming a necessity for companies to have an online presence but not just┬áthat, an online presence that is visible to potential customers.

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