Explained: Why Local Businesses Need Mobile-Friendly Websites

Have you ever been out in public and taken notice of the hoards of people that seem to have their cell phone glued to a part of their body or two?

While this is not really a good thing, it serves as a good illustration of how often people really use their cell phones, which includes for searching for local services. Ahem, this means you mister local business owner.

With this ‘fad’ becoming more popular in the coming years, it’s more important than ever for owners of local businesses to make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. Buy why?

First things first, Google -the largest and most common used search engine – is designed for human search, and to make their experience the best possible. This means that if a┬ásearch is happening from a mobile device, the results returned to the user will only be sites that are optimized for mobile search, which can translate to a lot of lost business.

This reason alone is important enough make the decision to move to mobile.

If you want people to have a good user experience on your website, meaning:

  • They don’t have to scroll up, down and all around just to access your information
  • They can easily tell what your services your business offers and the locations you serve
  • They can easily contact you to request a quote or schedule a service

Then you are going to have to be more than sure that your website operates well on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you currently have a website that is mobile-friendly, you can easily use Google’s free testing tool to find out.

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