What’s the Best Way to Market Online?

There are many different ways to market a business online. Most work, but only if you work them. The bigger catch is though, you have to put work into mastering one, maybe two at a time – Otherwise, you may not see such a successful marketing strategy.

Our experts have tried just about every way to market you can think of, including social media, video, blogging, SEO, paid ads, and so much more. In that time of experience, we have concluded what works best for specific types of business models, and the best methods of implementation.

All of this leads us to this blog post today in which we are going to share our favorite way to market online.

This answer may be a little broad and non-satisfactory to many, but that’s okay.

So then what is the best way to market online?

The answer, my friends, is organic SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and in this instance, organic simply means that you assume the position is a natural way. i.e: relevant & trustworthy links, shared content.

Organic SEO can take much longer than paid or social media marketing, but it brings a much great ROI and can work for you for years.

Proper organic search engine optimization yields a coveted position at the top of the results when potential customers perform a relevant search. This means more traffic to a website and increased conversions (if the site is compelling, of course,) all without doing any work.

A well-positioned website is like a billboard that advertises for you 24/7. Organic SEO can help accomplish this. But what does the organic SEO process look like? Well, it can be a little complicated, but here’s a preview:

1.) Organic SEO mostly surrounds the optimization of a website. Essentially, what your site says along with what other websites are saying about that site.

In English, this means that it the content on it talks about the service or product being provided along with the location, and there is a decent amount of content in place.

Other websites that talk about your website provide a “vote.” Meaning, when another website links to yours, it provides a vote of confidence and in return, a higher position in the SERPS.

2.) Organic SEO depends on views from visitors in order to stay on top. Not only does a site need views though, it needs views that last more than just a few seconds.

In order to make visitors want to stay on a site longer, they need to be able to find what they are looking for, and fast. This means that a site should have content that answers questions, informs potential customers, and should include a call-to-action that compels them to become a customer.

This subject obviously goes a lot deeper but for now, we don’t want to sound too confusing.

We hope you got a basic understanding of organic SEO, and will stick around for future follow up posts.

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